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Training Programme

For Conduct Of Elections in Cooperatives for Master Trainers

Training Programme

For Conduct Of Elections in Cooperatives for Master Trainers

State Co-operative Election Commission

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In pursuance to the CONSTITUTION (97th Amendment) Act, 2011 and as per provision under Article 243-ZK the superintendence, direction and control of the preparation of the electoral rolls for, and the conduct of, all elections to a Cooperative Society shall vest in such a authority or body, as may be provided by the Legislature of a State, by law. Accordingly the Government of Odisha U/S 28-AA of the Odisha Cooperative Societies Act, 1962 constituted a separate Commission known as Odisha State Cooperative Election Commission consisting of a Odisha State Cooperative Election Commissioner to be appointed by the Governor, who shall hold of office for a period of five years from the date of his appointment or he attains the age of 65 years whichever is earlier. No person shall be qualified for appointment as State Cooperative Election Commissioner unless he is or has been an Officer of the Government not below the rank of Secretary to the Government.

Dr. R.N. Senapati, IAS (Retd.) was appointed as the first State Cooperative Election Commissioner who assumed Office on 18.02.2013 and continued till 18.08.2014. There after Sri Krishna Gopal Mohapatra, IAS (Retd.) has assumed Office as Cooperative Election Commissioner on 19.09.2014 and continuing as such.

Who Is Who?

In Government order No. 2998 Dt.-06.03.2020 Sri Sunderlal Seal, IAS (Retd.) was appointed as the Election Commissioner and he assumed charge as Commissioner in the State Cooperative Election Commission, Odisha on the 8th April, 2020 and continuing.
Sri Sabir Kumar Panda,OCS-I was appointed as the Secretary and he assumed charge as Secretary in the State Cooperative Election Commission, Odisha on the 29th June, 2019 and continuing.


Various Notifications, Circulars and Orders have been issued by the Commission from time to time relating to different aspects of provision of Law for smooth conduct of election.

Election Manual

Conduct Of Election

State Co-operative Election Commission was constituted in February-2013 to conduct all elections to a Co-operative Society (Primary, Central & Apex). The Commission took up the election for the first time as per the provision of the OCS Act, 1962 and OCS (Elections to the Committees) Rules, 1992 and the election of Co-operative Societies has been done as follows:

1st Phase- Primary Societies

1st Phase- Primary Societies

18.01.2015 - Election conducted in 3227(Three Thousand Two Hundred and Twenty Seven) numbers of Societies

25.01.2015 - Election conducted in 3180 (Three Thousand One Hundred and Eighty) numbers of Societies

2nd Phase- Central Societies

2nd Phase- Central Societies

12.04.2015 - Election conducted in 75(Seventy Five) numbers of Societies

19.04.2015 - Election conducted in 49 (Forty Nine) numbers of Societies

28.02.2016 - Election conducted in 1 (one) number of Society

3rd Phase- Apex Societies

3rd Phase- Apex Societies

12.07.2015 -Election conducted in 17(Seventeen) numbers of Societies

4th Phase- Apex Societies

4th Phase- Apex Societies

11.10.2015 - Election conducted in 2(Two) numbers of Societies

Second Round Election:-

Election to 370 Co-operative Societies, where it was not completed due to various reasons, was conducted on 22.05.2016, 29.05.2016, 05.06.2016 and 12.06.2016.

By-Election to fill up casual vacancy:-

Vacancies arising out of death, resignation or removal of any member or President/Vice-President are being filled up by conduct of election as per the prescribed procedure.


2015:- 03 (Three) No of By-Election held


2016:- 38 (Thirty Eight) No of By-Election held


2017:- 03 (Three) No of By-Election held (Upto January 2017)